Integrated Motion Studio
Austin, Texas

Molly Johnson, PhD, M.AmSAT offers private and group instruction in the Alexander Technique and Shaw Method swimming.

By overcoming habits that interfere with how you use yourself, the Alexander Technique teaches you to re-gain a dynamic quality to your posture and an ease in your movement - and to make performance gains you never thought possible.

Drawing on principles of the Alexander Technique, Shaw Method Aquatics can teach you how to swim from scratch or help you modify your swimming style to create a pain-free, sustainable, and enjoyable approach to swimming.

If you are a musician, Molly can help you apply the Alexander Technique to your practice, performance, and daily life so you can play - and live - with greater control and ease. Molly also offers oldtime banjo lessons, with an emphasis on posture and developing skills to be flexible and creative and to play with freedom.

Contact Information

Molly B. Johnson, PhD, M.AmSAT
Plymouth Dr. & Maine Dr.
Austin, Texas 78758
cell: (512) 537 - 5369

Contact Molly for information about private lessons. Upcoming classes, workshops, and events are listed on the group classes page.

To get periodic announcements about upcoming classes, discounts, and information, please send a blank email with Swim or Alexander in the subject line to

Complete the Alexander student information sheet or swimming student information sheet and bring it to your first lesson or class.

Alexander Technique

Lessons in the Alexander Technique can teach you how to reduce tension, stress, and chronic pain; improve posture, balance, and coordination; and enhance performance for music, dance, acting and during daily activities and exercise. (more)

Shaw Method Swimming

Whether you are a competitive swimmer or someone who hasn’t put their head underwater for years, the Shaw Method may be just what you need to make your time in the water as enjoyable and productive as possible. Discover the art of swimming! (more)


Learn clawhammer banjo, guitar, voice, or harmony singing. On any instrument, learn how to practice more effectively, pick up tunes quickly, make songs performance-ready, and prevent nervousness and tension from interfering with your skills. (more)