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Overcome habits that cause pain & tension Improve performance and skill in your activities Develop dynamic posture and ease of movement

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You think of yourself as capable…

A hard worker who accomplishes what you set your mind to – successful in life and fulfilled by your activities.

But sometimes it feels like the harder you try, the less successful you are.

Moving backwards, when you should be making progress.

Pushing yourself to a point where movement no longer feels good. Things that used to be easy, leave you feeling achy or tense.

The activities that brought you joy, fitness, or a creative outlet, leave you without a sense of progress.

Sometimes they even hurt!

If you keep pushing, your body will suffer.

The tensions, aches, and pains are not going to just go away – unless something changes.

You’ve tried exercising more.

Or exercising less.

Massage. Physical therapy. But you haven’t changed what is most important.

You have to change your THINKING.

You must change HOW you do what you do in order to actually do things differently.

You don’t have to stop doing the things you love. You don’t have to suffer through the things that should make you feel better.

The activities you struggle with now can even be part of what makes you feel good again.

Hi, I’m Molly

I used to experience tension and pain that limited my activities and many aspects of my daily life.

Then I found the Alexander Technique – and learned how to make the changes I needed.

You have the power to stop the habits that are limiting you.

The Alexander Technique is a conscious process of stopping bad habits in your thinking, your posture, and your movement that are linked to tension and pain and limit your ability to make progress.

You can learn to bring consciousness to the things that matter, let go of the old ways of trying to fix it, and let go of what sucks your attention to the things that aren’t really important.

Using gentle guidance in simple, everyday movements, I can teach you to make choices, in the moment, to take control of your actions in a new way.

You can do EVERYTHING better!

With the Alexander Technique, you can learn to make better choices in any movement, any activity, so that you can approach what you do with the knowledge of how to be pain free and the ability to progress your level of skill as far as you want.

Sit effortlessly poised for hours.

Find a golf swing that won’t lead to back surgery – and will win the match.

Play guitar with the perfect balance of ease and control.

Model good posture and foster good coordination in your children or students.

Alexander Technique Lessons

Alexander Technique in Activity

Change is freedom.

By harnessing your ability to make choices, to change your actions and rid yourself of bad habits, you can move with freedom and ease, stand with aligned posture and dynamic poise, and think with an uncluttered mind.

Don’t stay stuck in a cycle that holds you back from the life you want. Schedule a free online consultation today.

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