Alexander Technique Lessons

As children, movement came easily and naturally.

We could run around all day long, sit upright when we needed to, and had endless attention to whatever we decided to tackle.

But, at some point, something changed. We don’t quite remember when we started to feel less effective. Or when our backs started to be achy. The things that used to come easily now require effort.

YOU are the only one who can determine what direction to take…

You can let your posture get worse, your tension turn to chronic pain, and your progress in activities stall.

Or you can take steps to return to an easier way of standing, moving, and living.

You are ready to make the changes necessary to have a healthier, happier life.

If you are tired of trying harder and harder, but not improving as much as you would like… if you are ready to take the right steps, then it is time to learn the Alexander Technique.

Here’s how the Alexander Technique can help…

By developing a skill to overcome habits that interfere with the quality of your posture, movement, and thinking (or in Alexander terms, how you USE YOURSELF), the Alexander Technique teaches you a conscious process to promote good posture and coordinated movement patterns in all of your activities.

So, you can stop lifting your shoulders when you are at the computer or arching your back to lift up your bag. You can develop the skills to make different choices and to, instead, encourage a more coordinated way of using yourself.

The Alexander Technique teaches you to re-gain a dynamic quality to your posture, develop a sense of ease in your movement, and make performance gains you never thought possible.

You can learn to decrease the tension and pain that bog down your body and mind, leaving you free to devote your mental attention and physical well-being to living your life to its fullest.

Here’s what we’ll do during your private Alexander lessons…

During an Alexander lesson, you will be guided through simple movements, like sitting and standing or walking.

You will learn to develop a more conscious approach to managing subtle aspects of posture and movement using a process called directing. You will develop the skill of STOPPING and changing your intentions and reactions – your bad habits – using a process called inhibiting.

You will develop the skills to bring about a more poised, dynamic, and efficient way of standing and moving that you can bring into any activity you do.

As your skills grow, you will realize that you have the capacity to choose how you approach your life – your movement, your thinking… everything, really.

You will develop a different type of control over yourself and your actions – one that comes from freedom and choice rather than fixation and tension. You will allow yourself to shed the barriers that were holding you back, knowing that the choice is yours.

Let’s get started on improving YOU!

With regular lessons, you will learn to make choices in your movement and actions that facilitate a coordinated use of your body, a natural alignment and poise of your spine and head, and a more integrated mental and physical connection.

Everyone possesses an innate ability to stand with poise and move with strength and ease.

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