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The stress and tension, aches and pains that you experience at work are not unique to you. Many of your employees, colleagues, or students likely experience strain daily and are not performing at their highest level. But you can help!

How people sit and stand – what we usually call posture – can have a dramatic impact on occupational performance and injury.

What most people don’t realize, though, is that we can change how we sit or stand; make improvements in the workplace and tasks; and learn tools that can help decrease pain, improve performance, and lead to more satisfaction in what we do.

Let us develop a presentation, training, seminar, assessment, or other consultation that will best serve you and your organization…

Here are some examples of the services we can design just for you…

Injury Prevention Seminars

  • PowerPoint presentations offering practical tips for reducing injuries and chronic pain relevant to the task demands or work environment of your organization.
  • Large group, small group, or 1-on-1 sessions to train your group how to implement straightforward tools to improve their mental and physical approaches to regular duties.
  • Geared for the specific needs of your office, restaurant, military duties, construction site, or factory. Whatever you do, we can make it better.

Ergonomics Assessments

  • Written or verbal assessments of general workplace hazards and/or specific workstation set-up for each employee.
  • Suggestions for simple changes to workplace set-up and work procedures to reduce injury risk and fatigue.
  • Employee-specific tips to reduce poor postural habits that contribute to chronic tension, pain, and injury risk.

Skill Development Training

  • Learn how to improve progress in skill development – whatever the skill.
  • Training will combine information from the most current research on motor learning and the principles of the Alexander Technique, which offer insight into what to pay attention to during learning and performing.

Performing Arts Programs and Camps

  • Alexander Technique presentations, classes, and private or semi-private lessons that address the application of Alexander principles and practice to any kind of performing art.

Continuing Education for Performers, Educators, Health, Fitness, and Wellness Practitioners

  • For professions that require a high degree of physical skill or the teaching of physical skill to others, Alexander Technique seminars can offer practical ways to keep yourself and your students healthy and making as much progress as possible.

Let us help you find the best solutions for your organization

Schedule a free online consultation with me to discuss how an Alexander Technique-based program could suit your needs.

Let us help you improve performance and skill development, and reduce injury at your organization or workplace!

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