Front Crawl Workshop

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Shaw Method Front Crawl Workshop

2-Day Workshop
2:00 – 5:00 PM
Saturday October 27 & Sunday October 28, 2018
1250 A.W. Grimes, Round Rock, TX 78664


This course is for anyone who can swim and/or glide with their face in the water and would like to be able swim a smooth, fluid, and sustainable front crawl. You may be a swimmer….

  • who has taken a Shaw Method crawl workshop before;
  • with no experience of the stroke;
  • with some grasp of the stroke;
  • looking to transform the efficiency of your stroke;
  • wishing to reduce the effort used on the swimming leg of a triathlon; or
  • experiencing breathing difficulty or tension with your stroke.

The course will take you through all the practices for front crawl (also called freestyle), beginning with the Shaw Method glide, then it will teach you the leg action, body rotation, arm phases, and, finally, breathing.

During the course you will discover how to

  • harness the natural buoyancy of your body;
  • drastically reduce the amount of effort required to swim;
  • use rotation of the body to maximize streamlining; and
  • use your legs and arms freely and effectively in the water.

This class uses the Shaw Method, which is an Alexander Technique-based approach to swimming. It encourages 1) maintaining head-neck-back alignment while swimming, 2) differentiating propulsive and non-propulsive movements, 3) breathing with ease, and 4) cultivating a positive and exploratory approach to learning.

Requirements: Students are expected to bring goggles and a towel and to arrive early so that you are dressed in a swimming suit and ready to enter the pool when class starts. Dressing rooms and a shower will be available onsite.

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