Mindfulness in Activity

We are often drawn to meditation or yoga …

… for the quieting it encourages in our minds and our bodies.

With a mindful practice, like Tai Chi, meditation, or yoga, we can shed the stresses of life and work – the fast pace and constant pressure to achieve more and meet everyone else’s needs but our own.

Being in a quiet space, surrounded by slow breathing and gentle encouragement from the teacher, we can allow our own pace to slow down and our mind to clear.

When class is over…

Many of us find that the mindfulness we establish during our practice is not always available in real-life situations.

We leave class and find ourselves snapping at our family, stressing at work, and pushing too hard to get things done. Somehow, our practice has not taught us to bring mindfulness into our daily lives so we can respond to the pressures of life with calm and clarity.

Don’t leave your progress at the door…

… when you leave meditation or yoga class. Bring it to the rest of your day!

The Alexander Technique is the only approach whose main aim is to develop a conscious approach to yourself and your life IN ACTIVITY.

With Alexander Technique lessons, you develop a practice that has commonalities with mindfulness; but you also develop skills to make choices, in life, in the moment. This lets you STOP the impulses and habits you have that interfere with living your life the way you want.

Alexander Technique is the ideal complement…

Combined with mind-body disciplines like meditation, yoga, or Tai Chi, the conscious process cultivated by the Alexander Technique can help you improve your practice and bring what you are learning into your daily life.

When you actively work on the application of the Alexander Technique to another practice or activity, you can make greater improvements in that activity and in your Alexander Technique practice.

Making other practices and treatments more effective…

Combined with therapeutic treatments, you can improve the longevity of your progress.

If you have gained pain relief with acupuncture, Alexander lessons can ensure that you are not standing and moving in your habitual way – so the pain doesn’t recur or get exacerbated.

Reduced tension from a massage can be maintained when you use the Alexander Technique to continue to move with greater ease and freedom.

Physical Therapy exercises can be more effective when you use the Alexander Technique to make subtle, but important improvements in your posture and exercise technique.

Chiropractic adjustments can be maintained when you use your Alexander Technique skills to prevent yourself from reverting to poor alignment.

The Alexander Technique can teach you how to maintain improvements you have made by stopping the habits that would lead you back to the state you were in prior to treatment.

Are you ready to get more out of everything you are doing?

Let me show you how to achieve a state of mindfulness in your daily life and to use that mindfulness to make even greater gains with your mind-body practices, therapeutic treatments, and other activities.

During a free consultation, I can show you what the Alexander Technique can do for you. Reach out today or schedule your free online consultation.

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