Online Alexander Technique Coaching

We don’t really know what other people see.

Sometimes, when we look in the mirror, we see a version of ourselves that is different from what is in our minds.

Often, the mirror shows us someone who is a little more hunched forward or a little more stressed.

When we catch ourselves straying from how we would like to be, we might try to straighten up for a moment. Pull our shoulders back and lift the chest.

But it is stiff and uncomfortable. And soon enough, we go back to what feels normal.

We don’t have to be satisfied with NORMAL posture…

What we don’t realize is that we can learn to change.

We can start to match what we feel on the inside with what we see in the mirror.

We can let vitality and alertness be normal. We can have a long spine and easy movement.

The Alexander Technique can show you how…

With online Alexander Technique coaching, I can be your mirror.

I can give you an accurate picture of you: the ways you move and approach your activities well, but also the habits that interfere with your posture and ease of movement.

Even more, I can show you HOW to make the choices that will establish a new normal.

Learn Alexander Technique principles from your own home.

During an Alexander coaching session, you will learn a conscious approach to managing posture and movement using a process called directing. You will also develop the skill of STOPPING and changing your intentions and reactions – your bad habits – using a process called inhibiting.

You will develop the skills to bring about a more dynamic, free, and coordinated way of standing and moving that you can bring into any activity you do.

Let’s get started on improving YOU!

Let me teach you the conscious process you can use to think more clearly and move with ease. Schedule a free online consultation to learn how the Alexander Technique can take you where you want to be.

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