Shaw Method Swimming Lessons

Yes, there is a smarter approach for ALL swimmers…

Whether you are a regular swimmer or someone who hasn’t put their head underwater for years, the Shaw Method may be just what you need to make your time in the water as enjoyable and productive as possible.

The Shaw Method teaches movement patterns that do not strain your neck, back, shoulders, and knees – strokes that optimize your body’s movement and allow you to breathe freely.

Most people find that when they are breathing more freely and moving in a way that is good for their body, it not only feels better, but they are faster and have more endurance, too.

Overcoming what’s holding you back…

Geared for adult learners, the Shaw Method can help you overcome whatever limitations are holding you back from being comfortable in the water, swimming with ease, or learning a new stroke.

During a Shaw Method lesson, you will be guided through the water using an Alexander-based gentle hands-on approach, which will help you develop the necessary postural support to bring about an easy, coordinated stroke. With a time-tested step-by-step progression to build up each stroke, you will find yourself swimming a complete stroke before you even know it.

For swimmers, you will learn a new stroke or re-learn a stroke from scratch, developing the ability to move effortlessly in the water and use movement patterns with biomechanics that will prevent aches and pains common with other swimming techniques.

For non-swimmers, the hands-on guidance and simple practices will help you successfully establish comfort with your face in the water and build your confidence to move, float, and swim.

Available Shaw Method Lessons

  • General aquatic skills
  • Front crawl (freestyle)
  • Breaststroke
  • Butterfly
  • Backstroke

All courses will include fundamental aquatic skills, such as walking through the water, transitioning from air to water, breathing, and gliding. For each stroke, you will start by learning underlying head and torso movements to do an undulation (breaststroke and butterfly) or body rotation (front and back crawl), then you will add arm and leg movements, and finally work on breathing – progressively building up to a complete stroke.

It takes six to ten 1-hour lessons to develop aquatic skills or complete one stroke. Lessons can be scheduled for one person, two people, or a small group.

Lessons can be scheduled at pools in Northwest Austin, in Round Rock, and in downtown Austin, depending on pool availability.

Ready to get started?

Discover how to rid yourself of the neck tension and breathing habits that keep you from improving your stroke.

Discover how easy it is to overcome the fears or pain that keep you away from the water.

Interested in therapeutic aquatics or swimming lessons? Send me an email or call me to learn more!

Please let me know what areas of town are most convenient for you and what times of day you are available to schedule lessons. Also, let me know what your swimming background is, if you are comfortable with your face in the water, and what stroke(s) you would like to work on.

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