Tension and Stress

Life is full of situations that create stress and tension.

There’s a deadline at work… so we brace ourselves and get it done.

We have visitors coming for the holidays… so we race to get everything in order (and panic when it’s not).

We missed our last workout… so we push harder and go longer to make up for it.

But it isn’t just the big events that are hard on us. We bring too much tension and stress into just about everything we do.

Our muscles are tight and achy from sitting at the computer.

We feel strained just washing dishes.

We fluctuate between using a rush of energy to tackle what is in front of us and collapsing from fatigue.

Bearing this tension and stress in our minds and bodies…

The constant tension and stress we put on ourselves can have consequences.

Our muscles get tight. They might ache… but even more important, the tightness keeps us from moving as freely as possible and finding the joy that comes from truly relaxing.

When the tension doesn’t go away, our workouts seem more labored; little things, like picking up a bag, don’t feel so good. And even when we do find time out with friends or can sit by the pool, we just aren’t quite as present as we would like to be.

With too much stress, we might find ourselves jumpy. Easily startled by nothing. Or interrupting a colleague with an idea, because we are so geared up and ready to contribute. Our mind races but isn’t productive. It’s hard to focus on the one task at hand, because something else is pushing its way into our attention.

We know it isn’t good for us, but we just can’t stop.

The Alexander Technique offers practical solutions.

You can stop the tension and stress… and still get all your work done.

Just like habits we have in how we move, we have habits in how we respond to pressure. Even though one seems like it is our body and the other our mind, they are not so distinct from each other. And our poor responses to life are only solved by addressing both the physical and mental in an integrated way.

I can teach you to develop a conscious approach to how you think about and use yourself as a whole – mentally and physically.

You can learn to quiet your mind and be more present in your body. You can hone your ability to stop old habitual reactions of tension and stress and, instead, meet the pressures of life with a clear mind and ease in your body.

Meet the demands of life with ease!

Schedule a free consultation to learn how you can reduce tension and the impact of stress and tension on your daily life.

Find out how to maintain yourself through your day without fatigue and perform demanding work without strain.

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